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2007-12-23 09:40:37 by kartmaster9607

I bought flash CS3 Pro a few weeks ago and I'm making a new project! I don't know what I'll call it but it will be in two things:
3-D and
PS. Don't worry, I WILL Have all parts finished so I will upload them week by week. I'll give you a pic as soon as I have more Info!

Next project under hand.

2007-11-22 14:32:08 by kartmaster9607

Hello again. My first movie got blammed by some "miracle" person so my next Idea is......
THE JUMBO BREAKFAST ROLL! If you are Irish (Like me), you should know this song, if not, well... I'll explain when its submitted!

2 seconds

2007-11-22 13:42:39 by kartmaster9607

I was looking through my box of stuff and I found my unopened box of Flash professional 8 which I had bought two years ago. So don't blam my first submission ok? Watch it first!